World RV Conference 2015 a Huge Success

< Date: 08 March 2015

Caravan Industry Association of Australia hosted the 2015 World RV Conference in Melbourne from February 25-27. The three-day conference focused on global challenges to the RV Industry, and their solutions, and provided an opportunity for international networking and knowledge sharing for the benefit of the global industry.

With 332 delegates from 16 countries in attendance, the third-ever World RV Conference has grown from strength to strength since its inauguration in Dusseldorf (2008) and it’s second-run at Florida in 2012.

“We are very proud to have hosted such a breakthrough event for the industry globally,” said Caravan Industry Association of Australia CEO, Stuart Lamont.

“The feedback we have received has been overwhelmingly positive, with all delegates enjoying the depth and breadth of discussion that took place. We had presenters covering the industry from several vantage points – and the analysis and description served to highlight emerging opportunities and challenges that I think all delegates will take home with them.”

A favourite of delegates was Founder and Chairman of IBISWorld, Phil Ruthven, who displayed some impressive global economic and social data and statistics which was cleverly analysed and delivered.

With an ever evolving global RV industry and a rise in product importation, presentations on World Product Standards from Bill Thiel (Australia), Bruce Hopkins (USA) and Jost Krüger (Germany) offered an invaluable insight into World Product Standards and how they translate on a global scale.

Delegates commented that presentations from other countries on their market provided perspective on how different nations holiday. Japan for example noted that most RVing is done on weekends, and are short trips, while the ‘Lap of the Map’ is still achievable in many Western countries.

There were 35 Chinese delegates, and An Qingheng’s presentation showed that while China’s industry is small time now, it has big plans for the future, both in manufacturing and in creating a touring industry domestically – An stating that China is planning to build 10,000 caravan holiday parks by 2020.

“The aim of the World RV Conference was to create an environment for dialogue and knowledge-sharing among leaders of the RV Industry internationally, and to highlight Australia’s strong position both domestically and internationally. We have certainly done that,” said Lamont.

Caravan Industry Association of Australia looks forward to participating in the next World RV Conference, to be held in China in 2018.